What can Heredis do?

What can Heredis do? 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Heredis will assist you managing your genealogy. Thanks to its multiple functions and Heredis’ ongoing development, you can:



Who were your ancestors? Heredis will help you find them. Through guided and intuitive progression, you enter all the information which you have gathered on your family. You will note some odd facts: your grandfathers were cousins, a certain great-uncle was a witness to all the marriages in the family, your great grandmother was very young when she lost her parents, one couple had more than 50 years’ age difference…

A research assistant will help you every step of your quest. You have access to all the power of the Internet directly from Heredis’ software.

For further details, see Add persons, Input events, Save time by inputting faster and more…


You have found some photos or copies of acts? Every item of data will be shown directly in your genealogy. The Photo Tool will help you a simplify management of your media.
Unfamiliar with the area of origin of this family branch? Geolocation will show you that they all lived in neighboring towns.

For further details, see Photo Tool, Media, Geolocating Places.

Family tree charts and other documents

Your work is taking shape, you cannot wait to print the results of your research.

Print trees

Heredis Family trees trace ancestors or descendants in a variety of different forms and adapt to all formats.

For further details, see (Windows) Building single-page pedigree tree charts, (Windows) Unlimited size tree chart or (Mac) Unlimited size tree charts, (Mac) Predetermined size tree charts

Print reports, sheets, or fully illustrated books

All documents which the genealogist needs are available: working papers for refining your research, person or family sheets for your filing system and even illustrated books for preparing a family monograph which will bring you pride and happiness to your family.

For further details see Create and edit sheets, (Windows) Create and edit reports, (Mac) Create and edit a reportCreate and edit a book.

Making your work known to others

What could be more simple than the free online publishing of your work on the Internet? Wherever they may be, your family and friends can visit your site and contact you to give you more details. With your family site hosted free on Heredis Online, your family bonds are facilitated, your work valued and your data preserved.

For further details, see Heredis Online.


Genealogy is an act of sharing. Heredis gives you all the tools which you need to communicate with other genealogists, give and receive information and have your work available everywhere, on all your devices (desktop or laptop computer, Windows or Mac, iPhone, iPad).

For further details, see Export a complete file in Heredis format, Export a branch in Heredis format, Export a complete file in GEDCOM format, Export a branch in GEDCOM format, Share on the local network