Save time by inputting faster

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Data memorized

Heredis memorizes all your previous data entries, item by item, and will suggest the appropriate data as you type. To validate a proposed entry, press Enter or Return keys. To choose among several proposi­tions, use the arrow keys and then press Enter or Return keys.

Prerecorded data

The application is supplied with databases of places, given names and occupations.
Choose from the proposi­tions as they appear. If no proposition appears or if it is not appropriate, select New Place.
Each new given name entered is automatically added to the Given Names Index.
Each new Occupation will be added to the Occupations Index by clicking the arrow button in this section after selecting a word or a phrase. The new elements will be proposed in subsequent data inputs.

For more details about Indexes, see Indexes: generalities.


Whichever way you may have typed data, in uppercase or lowercase, Heredis will automatically format the entry according to your pre­defined Preferences.

For more details on how to personalize Heredis, see Heredis’ Preferences.



The Gender field is filled in automatically based on the given name entered, but it may be changed. Multiple given names will be auto­matically entered according to your initial entry, but may be subse­quently altered. Check out The different data fields article.
Heredis calculates for you the date of birth of people based on their age at any particular event. It gives them an approximate date which you may confirm later, when you know it. See also Consistency Control – Error-free data entry article.

Drag and drop

To speed up your data entries, complete your data by using drag and drop.
Add links to other people by selecting them in the various panels and deposit them in the data field if it is empty. Select a man in the Persons panel and drop it as the grandfather in the Immediate Family tab. Select a woman from the (Windows) Kinship; (Mac)Relations panel and drop in Personal Data > Event > Christening to make this person the god­mother.
In the same way, you may add information to the Events field. Select a source from the Sources panel and drop it on the event you will have selected to associate it with this event. You may do the same for a place selected from the Places panel.
Add media already used for other data by choosing from the Media panel and drop them into the appropriate entry fields. A group photo can illustrate both a family and a marriage event.

(Mac) Correcting spelling

Anything you type in the Notes data entry field will be subject to a spelling alert. Typing errors are underlined in red. Right-click the underlined word so that the software may propose the correct spelling.

Census Grid

Heredis created a census grid to help you input all data found  in a Census at once. See our Census article for details.