The Root Person

The Root Person 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

The Root Person is the individual at the base of your genea¬logical research. By default, Heredis defines the first person entered in your genealogical file as the root person and assigns the Ahnentafel number 1 to this person.

Heredis indicates that a person is part of the Anhentafel lineage (direct ancestry of the root person) by the yellow color of the heads and .

To access the root person

• Click the Root button  in the taskbar.
• Select Find > View Root Person.

To modify the root person

1. Display the new person to be at the base of the genealogy currently open in Heredis.
2. Select Person > Define as Root Person
The new root person will bear the Ahnentafel number 1 and all other Ahnentafel numbers will automatically be reassigned by Heredis based on the new root person.