Import a GEDCOM in an existing file

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Import a GEDCOM in an existing file

Heredis is able to communicate with other genealogy applications by using GEDCOM files.

Open a GEDCOM file in Heredis and transform it into a new Heredis file on the home page.
Heredis allows you to add to your genealogy all the data contained in another file.

1. Choose File > Import > GEDCOM File.
2. Select the file (it must have the extension .ged to be recognized by Heredis), then click Open.
3. Check the information found in the GEDCOM file (quantity of data, structure of places). Open each field of places, to change, if neces­sary, the type of data it contains.
4. Complete the import options by ticking the information you want to find in your Heredis file (images, sources). You may add a source common to all events imported. In this case, tick the box and fill in the name of the source. Then click (PC) Done; (MAC) Import.
5. After importing the GEDCOM data, you must create the links that will connect imported persons to those already present in the main file.