Facts 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

With Facts, enrich your genealogy with new data and attach witnesses, places, sources, medias and dates to it.
You can add as much as you wish, unlimited number, and you can organize them.
These facts are displayed in the central part of the screen Data > Personal Data in the Facts tab.
When a Fact is filled, the tab is marked with a blue spot.


  • To add a Facts, click on the  button and select the fact to add then write directly in the Description area.
  • If you wish to complete this fact with other information, a date, a place, a source, a media… click on the pencil button displayed in the tab.
  • To delete a Fact, select it and click on the  button.

Note: If you confirm a delete, all information linked to this fact will be lost.

  • To organize the display of the facts of your genealogy, click on the indented wheel . Select the facts then click on the Before and After to change the order of this field.

Create customized facts

You can add facts that are not already in the list proposed by Heredis.

  1. Click on button.
  2. Choose Other and select Generic fact or an other fact you wish to add a subcategory to. (for example, Health to add Surgical intervention)
  3. Double-click on the name of the new fact in order to customize it. A window opens to edit and rename the fact.

(Windows) Customize facts

(Mac) Customize facts

4. Enter a new title.

Now this new type of fact will automatically appear in the list of fact to be created. You will now be able to use this fact anytime you need it.