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Search for Places

You know that the person has lived in this city or region? Consider using the event places to find someone in your genealogy.
To find a place among the places of your file, you have several options:

With the Places panel

Use the search box on the Places panel to type a word in any entry field for the place you are looking for: the city, postal code, county, state, country.
The number of items found matching your search is displayed at the bottom of the panel.
To cancel a search on one element of the place, click the (PC) (MAC)  Delete icon to the right of the Search box.

Refine the search by selecting sort criteria from the pop-up menu: Unused Places, Places Linked to Primary Person. The list is updated according to the selected criteria.
To cancel the sort criteria, select All Places in the pop-up menu.

PC Places Panel

MAC Places Panel

With the Places Index

Open the Places Index from the Tools menu, on the toolbar or click the  Places Index button on the Places panel.
In the Search box, type a word in any input field of the source being searched.
The number of items found matching your search is displayed beneath the search box.
Click the Search icon to select the search mode: Search Contains the word entered, or Search Starts With the entered letters.

To cancel a search on elements of the index, click the (PC)  (MAC)  Delete icon to the right of the Search box.

You will limit the search to unused places by checking the Unused Places box.
The results can be classified by the presence of a variant (V), note (N), media (M), or City, County… by clicking on the column header.
See the list of events in which this place is used by clicking the Usage tab. Double-click the line of the event to navigate and view this person and this event.

See the Places Index article for further details.