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Whenever you see this  display area  you may add an illustration: the photo of your great-grandfather, the photo of your baptism, the scanned image of a death certificate from 1715… These are not only images that you can attach to your data files but also sounds, videos, PDF documents, files created with your word processor.

Nothing is easier than to associate media: select it from your hard­ drive (MAC) or in iPhoto and drag to the display area.

Assign to your data any type of media to illustrate your genealogy.

What media for your genealogy?

Besides the usual media (images, sounds and videos), Heredis can assign files that can be opened directly from your genealogy soft­ware by launching the application that was used to create the media.

• Assign a text file created with (PC) any word processor ; (MAC) Pages and Heredis opens your word processor to read it.
• Assign a numbers document and either Excel or another spreadsheet program on your hard drive will open it to read it.
• Integrate PDF files and Adobe Acrobat will open as soon as you dou­ble-click the media.
• A Heredis tree chart effectively illustrating a branch? Assign the tree chart file to your ancestor. This tree chart may be opened from the Media tab of the person displayed.

• Drag an information email from one of your cousins to the display field of the media and Heredis will open your mail program to read it.

What data can be illustrated?

• A person: in the media display field of the primary person in the Immediate Family, XXL Family, Personal Data or Family Group Data tabs. You may also add media to the Personal Data field of Create or choose… screen.
• A couple: in the Families field of the Personal Data tab.
• An event: on the Personal Data tab, click the Media tab after select­ing an event.
• A surname: in the Surnames Index, either in the display field of the selected surname or directly in the Entering Surname screen.
• A given name: in the Given Names Index, either in the display field of the selected given name or directly in the Entering Given Name screen.
• An occupation: either in the Occupations Index, either in the dis­play field of the selected occupation or directly in the Entering Occupation screen.
• A place: in the Places Index, either in the display field of the selected place or in the Entering Place screen.
• A source: in the Sources Index, either in the display field of the selected source or in the Entering Source screen.

The quantity of media assigned to each item of data is unlimited. Each media may be assigned to several items of data.

When media have been assigned in your genealogy file, they are visi­ble in the Media panel or in the Media Index.
A date and/or a note may be added to the media.
Info • All media assigned to your genealogy are integrated into your file. You may synchronize your file with your mobile phone or another computer without worrying about the media. They will be automati­cally transferred.

Import media to your file

You can add one or more media simultaneously to your genealogy file.

Adding media to the file is done either from the media display field for each selected data, or directly into the Media Index or the Media panel. In this case the media are integrated into the file but not yet assigned to data. They are classified as Unused Media.

(MAC) Drag and drop
1. Locate the media or several selected media to be imported on your hard drive or from the application that manages your photos (iPhoto, Aperture, etc.).
2. Drag the file to import and drop on the media display field of the data or on the Media Index or Media panel.

With the Media field buttons

• In the Media display field for each data item:
1. Click the  (Add to media) button.
2. Select the media to be assigned:
• Select Drag from the Media Index if the media has already been assigned to your data.
• Select Choose on Disk if the media to be imported has never been assign to your data.
• Select Past from Clipboard if you previously copied the media in the clipboard.
3. Select the media with the (PC) Windows Explorer ; (MAC) Finder tools and click Open.

Info • To display the toolbar for media management, move the mouse over the display field of the media. Right-clicking on the display field of the media also gives you access to the Add New Media option.

• In the Media panel or in the Media Index:
1. Click the  (Add New Media) button.
2. Select the media to be imported with the (PC)  Windows Explorer / (MAC) Finder and then click Open.

Information on the media

Link between media and data

At any moment, you may assign new media to an item of data, or unlink media assigned by error. Heredis lets you also replace one media with another.

Media details

For each illustrated data in your genealogy file, double-click the media displayed and view the multimedia screen to manage all assigned media. In the Media Index or the Media panel, double-click the media to display the Photo tool screen.

Photo Tool for PC

Date: The date of the media is a useful guide to illustrate the lives of ancestors, and allows the classification by date of the various media assigned to a person.
Note: Enter your comments in the notes field. The note may be for­matted with tools for text editing.
Private Media: Tick the Private Media box to exclude it from export of a file or printing of a document.
Preferred Picture: Among all media assigned to the data, select the image that is displayed in the navigation screens and that illustrates the tree charts and printed documents. Tick the Preferred Picture box if your choice is not of the first image you have assigned to the data.

Photo Tool for MAC

MAC Info • You may change the Preferred Picture in the display field of any given media. Move over the area with the mouse to display the toolbar for media management. With the Previous Media – Next Media arrows, display the image you want to set as the Preferred Picture. Click the Preferred Picture button (shown as a star).

Information: Find in this display field of the selected media its name, its size and original location of the media.

Info • Media are copied to the genealogical file. Their original loca­tion is given as an indication, there is no longer any connection between the media at the original location and media in your geneal­ogy file. You can, however, request an update of the media file from the original media.

Display order of media

Heredis automatically classifies media according to the order in which you have assigned to the data. To change this order, file them by date or name, or manually move the media in the order you want.

From the Photo Tool or the Media Index.
1. Open the multimedia screen of the data.
• Double-click the media field.
(MAC) Click the pencil-shaped bar in the media buttons.
2. Arrange the media.
• Click the Sort ( icon) and select Sort by date or Sort by name.
(MAC) Drag the media with the mouse to position in the desired display order. A blue line indicates where the media will be dropped.

For further details see Photo Tool.

Searching media

Check missing media

You have imported a file from an earlier version of Heredis or GEDCOM? If the original location of the media was changed at the time of import, or if a folder containing the media did not accompany the GEDCOM file, the media may be missing.

They are displayed differently depending on whether Heredis had a thumbnail display or not.

• In the case of a Heredis file in which there was a thumbnail image, the words original not found follow the media name in the edit field of the media, but you still see its thumbnail image.
• In the case of a file where there was no thumbnail image, the icon media not found is displayed in the place of the media.

Click on Choose a folder and update to find the location of the missing media on your computer.

Find a group of media

Open the Media Index.
1. Click the (PC) Tools / (MAC) Options button (indented wheel icon) on the toolbar of the Index.
2. Select Check media…

PC Check Media

MAC Check Media

Heredis reviews all the media in your genealogy and detects, if any:
• media not found following deletion from the Media folder managed by Heredis
• media of which the original has been modified by third party soft­ware other than Heredis
• and finally, media for which the original has changed location and is no longer present on your computer.

In the Media check window, you can:
• in the Missing Media tab, designate a folder to search and update these media.
• in the Original changed tab, select all or part of the media managed by Heredis to update them from the originals.
• in the Missing Original Media tab, specify the folder where your original is located.

PC Media check window

MAC Media check window

Find missing media

Open the Media Index.

Scroll down to Missing Media.

Unlinking, replacing or deleting media

Unlink media

In all the display fields for media, (MAC) right-click the media concerned and choose Unlink Media, or (PC) click the  button on the toolbar for media management.

On the screen displaying all media assigned to a person or data:
(PC) Select the media in the left column, or click the  (Remove Selected Media) button at the bottom of this column.
(MAC) Click the media in the left column and then, in the display field of the media, right-click and choose the Unlink Media from… option.

The media is unlinked from the person or data but remains available in the Media Index and may be assigned to other.

Replace media with other media

You may have assigned two different media but they were the same (an image of a source saved with two different names, the same image on the selected hard drive and in iPhoto …). You may only keep one assigned media but use it several times.

1. Open the Media Index and select the media to be replaced.

Media Index for PC

Media Index for MAC

2. Click Replace with another Media from…  or on the but­ton bar of the display field and choose

3. Select the media to be kept and click the Choose button.

The initial media has been replaced by the second for all its uses.

Delete media

Display the Media panel, or open the Media Index.
• Click the  (Remove the selected media) button on the toolbar for media management.
(MAC) Right-click the media and choose Remove…
Confirm the deletion of the media with OK.
This will delete the media from your genealogy file. If it had been used, it will no longer appear in the illustrations of data or persons to whom it was assigned.

Sharing media

Export a file containing media

Media are integrated in your genealogy file. When you export a part of your file by creating a new Heredis file, the media assigned to the exported data are integrated into the new file, unless you had unticked the Media box of the Heredis export screen.

When you synchronize your genealogy file with your cellphone or with another computer, they are also integrated in the data.

Export media files

You can extract one or more media from your genealogical file for transmission to other people or for another use on your own comput­er.

• In the edit screen of the media,

1. Choose Export This Media… in the right-click menu on the media.
2. Keep the same name or change it and choose the destination loca­tion for the exported media.

• In the Media Index,
1. Make a selection of media using the display filters for different types of media or uses. Display for example images used for sources in the submenus.
2. Click the (PC) Tools / (MAC) Options button on the toolbar of the index and choose Export Selected Media….
3. Select the destination folder for the exported media.

Update all media

You have associated with your genealogy Pages or Word docu­ments and you wish to continue adding to them? You have tweaked a lot of photos of acts with an image management program? You have worked on documents stored on your hard drive, in your Pictures fold­er, or your current Genealogy folder…
Any media that you have already associated with your Heredis data will not be impacted by these changes as they have been copied to your file in the state they were in when you entered them.
To be sure that you have the latest versions of all your media in Heredis, open the Media Index, click the icon to Update media files from the originals.

For further details, see Media Index.