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How to install Heredis’ software?


1. Double-click on InstallHeredisWorld2018.exe file.
2. Follow instructions, it will guide you through the setup process.
3. When setup is over, double-click on Heredis 2018 icon on your desk or access through Windows explorer (Programmes – BSD Concept – Heredis 2018).

(Mac) Click on the downloaded link. When the download of InstallHeredisWorld2018.dmg is over, the installation windows opens. If not, double-click on the downloaded file.

In the Installation window:

  1. Drop Heredis in Applications
  2. Open the Applications folder and start Heredis. Drag and drop the Heredis icon to your dock to easily access Heredis.
  3. Enter your licence number (except if you bought from App Store).

Heredis Licence

Warning: you dispose of a personal and confidential licence for 3 installations. Once the 3 installations made, you will have to buy a new licence.

Your licence is linked to your Heredis account. This unique number, personal and confidential, was sent to you in an email with the downloading link.

Note: Mac users, there is no licence number if you bought Heredis from App Store.

How to register your licence?

You have to be online to register your licence and receive automatic updates.

For further information see Activating Heredis.