(Mac) Install Heredis

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Download the Heredis software using the blue DOWNLOAD button in the email confirming your order sent to you a few minutes after your purchase was processed.

Can’t find this email in your inbox?

It was sent to you within minutes following your order; remember to check your junk mail.

You can also go to your Heredis Shop account.

Download Heredis from your Heredis Shop account under My Keys.

1- Go to the shop: shop.heredis.com 

2- Log in to your account by clicking on Sign in:

3- Fill in your email address then your password or follow the procedure to get a new password.

4- Click on MY KEYS in order to find your license number:

Click the details button following your purchase order number. The Download button will then appear below the table.

What’s next?

When the InstallHeredis20xxWorld.dmg file is fully downloaded, the installation module opens up. If not, double-click the downloaded file from your Downloads folder. Then click the Accept button to proceed with the installation.

Click the Heredis 20xx.app icon and drag it to the Applications folder to copy the Heredis application to your Applications folder.

(the image below may vary depending on your version of Heredis)

Close this window and trash “InstallHeredis20xx.dmg” located on the Mac desktop. Empty the trash.

Once the copy is completed, open the Applications folder from the Finder and launch Heredis 20xx.app.
Remember to drag the icon to your dock for easy access to Heredis.
Launch Heredis. Enter your Heredis account username and password (as used in the Shop).

If you have already downloaded and installed the Heredis demo version, there is no need to download the software again. Simply launch Heredis and log in to your account.

Are you already using Heredis?

Then make a backup copy of your genealogical files before opening them again with the new version. Be sure to write down the name of your files and the location where you saved them.

On the Heredis Home Page,

  • Click on Heredis File under Open then click OK to access your file saved with the previous version. Use the Finder to view the list of genealogy files saved on your hard drive.
    Select the file you want to convert to version 20xx and click Open.

Heredis shows you the progress of your data conversion.
If you are migrating from a version older than Heredis 14, your media files will be copied into the genealogy file and this process can be a little time-consuming. Please allow the data conversion to fully complete. Then click Close.

After converting your file to the new Heredis version format, you may uninstall the previous version by dragging the application to the recycle bin. For more information, see Uninstall an older version of Heredis.

Are you installing Heredis for the first time?

On the Heredis Home Page, you will see the Heredis sample file in the list of recently used files (Open Recent). If you want to clear your recent file list, click on File menu > Open recent > Clear menu. But, if you opened your file already with Heredis, all your recents files list will be empty. You’ll have to open your file from the Open section.

Heredis allows you to open a GEDCOM file directly (in the pull-down list under Open) or to create a New Tree. Click on the New Family File button on the Home Page.

Your Heredis file appears on the screen.
– It has been created in the same location as the file from your previous version.
– A folder containing a copy of all your attached media has been created with the file. It will no longer be possible for you to lose your media and transfers will be easier. Do not edit this media folder.

Note: if you have opened a GEDCOM file, your media won’t be in it. This is because the GEDCOM format only keeps the name and path of the media. Use the Media Index to retrieve your media with just a few clicks. See our Media and What is a GEDCOM file? articles for more information.

To reopen your file, use the Heredis Home Page or open the file from the Finder.