(Mac) Shortcut keys

(Mac) Shortcut keys 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Usefull shortcut keys in Heredis for Mac to access faster to the main functions of Heredis.

General command
Cmd F1 Help
Cmd S Save
Maj Cmd S Save as
Cmd Q Close Heredis
Cmd W Close file
Cmd , Heredis’ Preferences
Option – Cmd – Right or Left arrow Show/Hide panel
Files management
Cmd N Create a new genealogy
Cmd O Open a genealogy file
Cmd S Save a file or a chart
Cmd X Cut
Cmd C Copy
Cmd V Paste
Cmd A Select all
Cmd Z Cancel last text field
Maj Cmd Z Restore the strike of the text field
(Maj) Cmd 1 Display the root person
Tab Move from field to field
Maj Cmd F Add/delete person
Maj Cmd P Add/delete father
Maj Cmd M Add/delete mother
Maj Cmd U Add/delete spouse
Maj Cmd E Add/delete children
Enter Validate the choice or the input of a person, a name, a place, a source or a media
Maj Cmd N Add Birth
Maj Cmd B Add Christening
Maj Cmd D Add Death
Maj Cmd I Add Burial
Maj Cmd X Add Marriage
Maj Cmd R Add Religious Marriage
Maj Cmd K Add Marriage Contract
Cmd 0 Run a search by number
Cmd F Run a search by name
Chart Management
Cmd A Select the all tree
Cmd O Open a chart
Cmd S Save a chart
Cmd P Print
Maj Cmd P Pages Setup before Print
Maj Left Click Extend the selection in a chart or unselect
Cmd Left Click Extend the selection in a chart or unselect
Option Left Click Focus on a chart field
Option Right Click Unfocus on a chart field
Space Display the hand tool to move a chart
Cmd S Save a tree chart