How to update Heredis?

How to update Heredis? 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Heredis corrective updates (patches) are automatic and free (example : from Heredis 20.1 to Heredis 20.2). You do not need to bother with this, a window opens when you launch Heredis to indicate that an update is available. Simply accept and the download/install starts.

To be kept informed, simply be connected. When Heredis can be updated, just accept the downloading and installation of the update.

(Mac) If you acquired the Heredis software via the App Store, you will be notified of updates.
Check the AppStore icon in the dock. It shows the number of appli­cation updates available. Click to access the App Store then follow the instructions to update.

Upgrading is not automatic. When you upgrade, your version changes (ex: Heredis 2019 and Heredis 2020), it has new features, that is why it is not free.

Check for updates

If you ignored an update, you can check for updates by clicking on Help menu > Check for updates.

(Mac) Check for updates message

(Windows) Check for updates message

If a patch is available, validate the download and installation. It is important to download and install a corrective patch because if we make corrections, it means there have been changes as a result of feedback from our users.