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Share your genealogy

Today you frequently use your WiFi network to connect to the Internet. Heredis proposes to use it also to dialogue between your various devices (PC – Mac – iPhone – iPad – iPod touch – Android) and transfer your data from one to the other.

Your computers are not on a WiFi network? You can also synchronize your genealogy via a removable storage device (USB flash drive or external hard-drive). Is there another version of the file on the WiFi network? Is it more recent? Heredis shows you all the devices where the Heredis software is open, as well as all removable storage devices plugged in to your computer.

Your cousin is visiting and his PC has the latest version of the Heredis software? Connect it to your local network and share your genealogy with him/her. You’re going to the Archives with your iPad? Share your file with the iPad to have all your updated information with you. If you add new facts, you will recover them the next time you open both devices.

Sharing your genealogy with other devices on local network

From your computer, click on the Share  button to link your family tree with a remote device connected to your WIFI or Ethernet network. Heredis can distinguish which version is the most recent and will let you know to do a recovery on one or the other of your connected devices.
You changed a date and added two pictures on your phone? Heredis will ask you if you want to recover those modifications the next time you open this shared genealogy, from your computer.

How to share your file from a computer (MAC or PC) via WiFi network?

  • Select the menu File > Share on the local network. Heredis displays the list of devices connected to your local network and running a compatible version of Heredis.
  • Select a device available in the list and click on the Share button to link the genealogy with the selected device. The remote unit then receives a sharing request.
  • On the remote device, accept the sharing request. For the first sha­ring, Heredis copies all the data of the open genealogy file as well as the media. Your genealogy is now linked to two devices, the computer from which you initiated the sharing request and the selected remote device.

Make changes and save new data from a PC, a Mac, an iOS or an Android device.

  • On a remote Mac or PC, Heredis automatically alerts you a newer version of your file is available. In this window, key information of the file are displayed (modifica­tion dates, number of persons, last persons modified) allowing you to compare them with those of the open file.
  • On iOS or Android device, you won’t be automatically alerted and you will have to click on Share on local network button, select the remote device and then click on Click to receive the file from remote device to get the latest version of your family tree. If you accept to receive the modified file, Heredis updates the family tree with the data entered or modified on the remote device. Only genealogical data or media that has been modified, or added, will be transmitted.

Note: In order for the information to be shared, the genealogy file must be saved. Do not concurrently update your genealogy on both connected devices because you will not be able to keep changes made on both sides.

Heredis will always offer you to receive the most recent file. If you agree to receive the latter, changes made to the least recent file will be lost.
If you no longer want to share your file with a remote device:

  • Select the File menu > Share on local network, select the device and click the Stop sharing button.

The device in question will no longer receive notifications concerning updates to this genealogy.
You can reactivate this sharing at any time by clicking again on Share on local network.

Transfering to a mobile device without WIFI

You can copy your genealogy in a format suitable for exchange with a mobile iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) using iTunes or with a mobile Android device using Google Drive.

Please note that in this case, it is not a synchronization (update of latest data), but a transfer of the complete file (including the media).

(PC) Import a family tree in Heredis for iOS

Prepare your family tree for iTunes

To transfer your genealogy to a mobile iOS, prepare the file to be sent via iTunes.
1. Choose File > Prepare for > iTunes…
Heredis creates a compressed file, recognizable by both iTunes and on your mobile iOS. This file contains all your data and all your media.
2. Click Yes to create the file. It has the same name as the original file with an extension .hmwit.
3. Heredis opens Windows Explorer to show you where the file is for transfer to iTunes.

Insert the file into the iTunes application

1. Launch iTunes.
2. Connect your iPad, your iPhone or iPod touch and select it in iTunes.
3. Click the Apps tab (at the top of the screen), then scroll down the list of applications until you reach File Sharing.
4. Select Heredis. All genealogies already synchronized are visible. Click the Add button or drag & drop the file.
5. The transfer of the genealogy is carried out. If Heredis is not running on the mobile, the file will appear on the homepage the next time the App is launched.

Recover data from a mobile via iTunes

After a work session on the iPhone or iPad, retrieve the changed data by passing through iTunes again.

  • Select the .hmw file modified on the Apps – File Sharing tab.
  • To extract it from iTunes, click Save to… and save the genealogy file recovered to the location of your choice.

Info • Remember to select the same folder if you want to replace the existing genealogy file on your Mac.

(MAC & PC) Import a family tree in Heredis for Android

Prepare your family tree for Android

Before you can copy your family tree from the Heredis format onto an Android device, you must prepare this family tree.
From your computer:

  • Launch Heredis
  • Open your family tree.
  • Select the menu File > Prepare for > Heredis Android… Heredis creates a compressed file recognizable by the application Heredis for Android.
  • Click Yes to start creating the file. It has the same name as the ori­ginal file with the extension .hmwz
  • Heredis opens (PC) Windows Explorer; (MAC) Finder, showing you where to transfer the com­pressed file in Google Drive.

Copy a family tree prepared for Android in Google Drive

From your computer:

  • Launch your internet browser and go to the link
  • Sign in to your Google Account (Select or add the same account that is associated with the Play Store on your Android device)
  • Click on My Drive.
  • Select the file prepared for Android (it has the .hmwz extension) from the (PC) Windows Explorer; (MAC) Finder. Drag it into your browser window in My drive to copy it to your Google Drive account.

Import a family tree from Google Drive into Heredis for Android

From your Android tablet or mobile:

You can proceed in 2 ways.

1st solution:

  • Launch Heredis
  • Click the Home menu and select Import family tree.
  • Click the Continue button and select, in your Google drive account, the family tree prepared for Android.

2nd solution:

  • Launch Google Drive
  • Click on the file to load
  • Click the Continue button The Heredis for Android application will automatically open the file.

Info • If you transfer your file prepared for Android directly to the SD card of your Android device or another online storage application (Dropbox, OneDrive ….), the procedure to retrieve your family tree in Heredis for Android is identical.

Synchronizing via USB

Heredis can detect removable devices (USB, external hard-drive) connected to your computer.
You are going to your country home? Synchronize your genealogy on a USB flash drive with the Sync button then the USB button and then connect it to your home computer in the countryside. You can update your file instantly. Before leaving, synchronize your computer again with the USB flash drive and update your files with all your weekend ­work as soon as you return home.

Exchange with another PC or Mac

Synchronize your genealogy on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. The synchronization process is the same as for the devices on the WiFi network.
Click the Sync via USB  button or choose File > Sync Via USB….
In the Synchronization window, select the device that you have con­nected, check the direction of synchronization then click Send or Receive according to the synchronizing direction you have selected.
When synchronization is complete, you may plug in the device to another computer (PC or Mac).
Whether on launching Heredis or during work, Heredis will inform you if a new genealogy or a newer version of the genealogy exists on the device you have connected and will propose to synchronize your computer with this genealogy.