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Searching in Online Archives

The Search in Online Archives  tool allows you, from your software, to access the Online Archives portal. Heredis facilitates your research and also allows you to integrate acts you have found and cut into your family tree, by creating the event and the associated source for example.

Click on the button
or choose from the menu Find > Search in Online Archives…

Access and navigation in Online Archives sites

Heredis displays the Online Archives search portal in a real web browser.

Online Archives Portal

Online Archives

You have a button bar with the following options:

  • Archives Button: displays the home page of the online archives.
  • Bookmarks Button: lists the sites you have added as bookmarks and allows you to manage the list of bookmarks.
  • Previous, Next Navigation buttons: they give you an indica­tion of the history of your browsing and allow to re-display pages already consulted.
  • Update Button: updates the page displayed on the screen.
  • Capture Button: Captures the whole page displayed in the brows­er. If you have already made a capture, this button opens a menu either for you to make another capture, or see the list of already cap­tured but not processed sites.

(MAC) As in any internet browser, you can add a new tab by clicking the + button on right side of tabs bar or close a tab by clicking the cross to the right of the title of the displayed tab.

The Archives portal concerns the Archives of France but also those of other countries. For France, they are classified as fol­lows: Departmental Archives, Municipal Archives and the National Archives.

In the Departmental Archives, the list of archive sites mentioned is large. To easily find a website in this list, you can search by entering a department number or name in the search box in the footer panel. Enter 69 for example to access the archives of the Rhone. The result­ing list offers the DA of the Rhone, but also those of Lyon, part of the Rhone department. By clicking on the button on the button bar, you return to the home page for a list by Country.

Use the  navigation buttons to navigate as on a website.

The Archives of France portal also offers Municipal Archives and the National Archives (military records, libraries ..).

If a site appears to be missing from the list, share it via the button at the bottom right of the footer band.

Each proposal will be submitted to the Heredis team. If accepted, it will appear on the portal and will be permanently accessible to all users.

Your research will often focus on a given territory: select the sites you visit most frequently and add them by clicking the button > Add Bookmark. To make changes to your bookmarks, click > Edit Bookmarks: you can add other sites and delete them with the + and – buttons . By clicking on a line, you may change the name or address of the sites.

Online Archives Pages

When you capture a deed or any other document, you capture all of the displayed page in the browser.

To capture an act, click the  button. Crop the image to remove unwanted parts with the  button: When you click this button, your mouse cursor changes shape. Place your cursor at the spot where the picture should be adjusted. Hold down the left mouse button and slide the selecting window to encompass the desired area. When you release the mouse, the Crop button appears on the image; then click this button. Your image is now framed.

If you have managed to capture all of the act, click Process my cap­ture, or on the Capture the rest of the act button in order to cover the act in its entirety.

When you have captured several images, the Previous and Next buttons allow you to scroll through the list of your captures. If you want to save a copy to your computer, click the  Save button and choose the location on your computer. Rename the image with the Rename button if the name does not suit you. The Delete button will delete the capture displayed in this window.

You can edit the capture by clicking the  Edit button. Your image is displayed in the Photo tool and you can edit the image to make the document more readable (see the article on Photo Tool to see the details of this feature). Once the editing parameters are right for you, close this window and treat your captures.

Info • All the captured images are declared as being private by default in order to respect the terms of use of the archives.

Remember that if you close the Archives Online tool without manag­ing your captures, they will be retained in the list of captures only as long as the Heredis session is still open.

Processing captures

Heredis allows you to process the capture of acts to associate them with an event of your genealogy and save the information concerning the act.

Online Archives Capture

Two choices are available to you for treating these captures: If you do not have the time, tick the Save only in the media index box for treating it at a later date, or select Associate with an event.

Associating with an event

Select Associate with an event and select or create the person to whom the captures are to be associated. Then unfold the dropdown list to select an existing event or create one if it has not already been created. Heredis by default ticks Add a Source to the event to create a source for the act captured. By unticking this box, the image or images of the act will be associated with the event in the Media tab and not in the source.

When you click Validate, Heredis opens the source and prefills known information, the type of the source, the title of the source, the Archive depository, the nature of the source, its quality, the website and auto­matically associates the capture or captures with the source.

Fill in any missing information if necessary and click OK to create the source.

The Online Archives search tool may be launched directly from the file of the person.


From the Data Entry tab, select the event you want to complete. Start the online archives search by clicking the  Online Archives button below the list of events. Heredis displays directly the list of available archives from the town for the selected event provided you have pre­viously entered this information. When you have found and captured the act of the event to be completed, Heredis prefills the treatment of captures with the relevant information on the person and the event selected in the Data Entry tab.

It remains for you to validate and possibly complete the missing information for the source.