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Open an existing file

Open a genealogy file

There are several different ways to open a Heredis genealogy file.

Open a data file 

• To open a file when Heredis is already running, choose File > Open. Choose the genealogy file in your file directory, and then click Open.
• To open a file from the Home page, click the Home button, then select Heredis File in the Open menu. Click OK and then select the file.

Info • By default the last folder in which you saved a file will open. To select another location, select it in your file directory.

(MAC) To open a Heredis file from the Finder, double-click the file icon or drag it to the Heredis application icon.

You may open a Heredis file created with an older version of the soft­ware.

Info  Files created after the 2017 version are identical, regardless of the plateform your using: PC, MAC, iOS, Android. You can directly exchange data without any preparation or conversion.

For more details, see Import a Gedcom in a new file.

Open a recently used file

Select the file from the Open Recent menu and then click OK.

MAC Info • To delete the list of recently used files, choose File > Open Recent > Clear Menu.

PC Info • To delete a recently used file, click on the indented wheel near the name of the file you want to remove, then choose Remove from Recent Files.

Open an existing file

Choose the type of file to open from the Open menu and then click OK.

You can open Heredis files, including files from previous ver­sions, GEDCOM files (Genealogical exchange files) or tree charts created and saved with Heredis.

Select the file and click Open. Only files which match the selected file type are accessible.

Read also Import a Gedcom in an existing file, Import a Heredis file in an existing file.