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(Mac) Print the tree chart

Adjust the size of a tree chart

Before printing, you must make sure that the size and orientation of the paper are set as you wish.

1. Choose File > Page Setup or unfold the Print Setup panel and then click Page Setup.
2. Select the printer you will use in the Format For menu.
3. Choose a standard paper size in the Paper Size menu. If you want to select a customized paper size, choose Manage Custom Sizes from the menu.
4. Click the button corresponding to the desired orientation.
5. If necessary, enter a percentage in the Scale field. A value below 100% reduces the image, a value greater than 100% enlarges it.
6. Click OK to confirm the print size.

If the tree is too large, you may change its size by reducing the num­ber of pages in the Print Setup panel.
1. Tick the Show Page Breaks box. Heredis displays how many pages corresponding to the selected paper size will be needed to print the tree chart.
2. Change the number of pages in width and/or height.
3. To enlarge or reduce the overall size of the tree chart, enter a per­centage in the Scale field or move the cursor. A value below 100% reduces the size of the tree chart, a value greater than 100% enlarges it.

Info • Modification of the print setup may require the moving of new overlapping boxes.

It only remains to launch the printing of the tree chart.

Launching the print-out

Depending on the printer you are using, you can print the tree on one page or series of pages to be assembled together.
1. Click the Print  button on the toolbar or choose File > Print.
2. Select the printer you want to use from the list of available printers. If your printer does not appear, select Add Printer from the Printer menu.
Info • For more information on adding a printer, look for Add Printer in the Mac Help.
3. To get a preview of the pages to be printed, click the scroll arrows.
4. Click Print.