The Heredis File and .hmw folder

The Heredis File and .hmw folder 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

This article is usable for Mac too, however, Mac hides the inside of the .hmw folder. So the risk of making a mistake by erasing something is low for Mac.

In Windows, your Heredis file appears as a folder with a .hmw extension. (for instance: Sample File.hmw).

Note: file extensions may not be shown, depending on your computer’s settings. We recommend modifying these settings using Windows Explorer:
– from the « View » menu, by checking the option « File name extension », for Windows 8 operating systems and later versions;
– from the « Folder and Search Options » menu, in the « View » tab, for operating systems older than Windows 8, by unchecking the option « Hide extensions for known file types ».

Your genealogy file contains all the data you have entered (Sample File.heredis – Type: Heredis Genealogy) as well as a Media file in which all the media you have used have been copied. In order for your file to work properly, make sure to neither separate nor delete the elements included in the file.

If you wish to move, copy, or save your genealogy to another location on your hard disk drive or on any other drive, make sure to select the entire Sample File.hmw folder.

If you have removed the Sample File.heredis file from the Sample File.hmw folder, you’ll have an error message:

Move it back to the .hmw folder so you can use it.

CAUTION, when naming your files, keep it simple and avoid using special characters, accents, and such (,$§… computers hate those. Rather use _ or – in lieu of spaces.

The Data file (Sample File.heredis) only contains graphic thumbnails of the media you’ve used. The Media file contains a copy of all original media linked to your data (photos, scans, web documents, text…). Even if you have lost or moved your original media, this folder, integrated within your genealogy, allows you to preserve, transfer, or save your genealogy media in a high resolution.

Your original media are still in the location where you had saved them. Heredis has neither moved nor modified them, they have only been duplicated. Do no modify the content of the Media folder or your genealogy will not work properly. See also Media.