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Agnatic: concern only the masculin line

Ahnentafel: genealogical numbering system for listing a person’s direct ancestors in a fixed sequence of ascent. The root person of the ahnentafel is No. 1, the subject’s father No. 2 and the mother No. 3. Apart from No. 1, who can be male or female, all even-numbered persons are male, and all odd-numbered persons are female. So, the number of any person’s father is double of the person’s number, and a person’s mother the double of the person’s number plus one.

Anthroponymy: study of people’s name. Onomastic is the study of a name’s origin and evolution.

Census: nominative list

Cloud: technology to save your files on an external server rented freely or not by a multinational technology company (iCloud from Appel, Onedrive from Microsoft, Google Drive…)

Family tree chart: graphic representation of part or all of a genealogy

Gedcom: exchanging format for genealogy, it was made by Mormons and make it compatible to most genealogy software

Genealogy: study of family history to establish parentage

Implex: defined as the difference between the number of theoretical ancestors of a person and the number of his/her real ones. It is when the same ancestors appear multiple times in your genealogy.

Media: picture file, audio file, video files… every type of file link to your genealogy.

Publishing: to put online your genealogie and media so other people will see it. Heredis Online is a genealogy publishing website.

Root person: is the person at the base of the genealogy

Source: The informations you gathered come from somewhere. The source is where you can write where you found the data and help you found it back if necessary