(Windows) Print or export as PDF the tree chart

(Windows) Print or export as PDF the tree chart 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

You can create as many graphical representations of your genealogy as you wish. A tree chart may be saved with the data it contains and its layout. It can then be reopened, modified in its presentation, printed again. It has become independent of the Heredis data file.

Choose from the different types of tree charts proposed in the Charts menu or click Charts on the toolbar to visually select the tree charts proposed by Heredis. The tree chart will be created from the primary person.

Printing mode

First, choose between Local Printer or PDF File in the Print Setup panel.

Then, you’ll be able to setup the page setup as you wish.

Adjust the size of a tree chart.

Before printing, you must make sure that the size and orientation of the paper are set as you wish. This setup will be different if you chose Local Printer or PDF file.

Paper size

After choosing the print mode and before printing the tree, indicate the paper size your printer uses (A4 – A3…) and the orientation of the paper you want (portrait, landscape).

  • Choose File > Page Setup or click Page setup  in the Print Setup panel.

A window opens and may be different according to your printer. Choose the orientation and paper size.

  • Select the printer you will use in the Name menu.
  • Choose a standard paper size in the corresponding menu.  In PDF file Mode, if you want to select a customized paper size, choose Personalized Paper Size in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the round button corresponding to the desired orientation.
  • Click OK to confirm the print size.

Note: If you want to print through a professional printer, export to PDF. The PDF format can go up to 200″ x 200″ , if your tree is larger and your printer has rolls larger than 200″, consider removing the assembling link-up zone (see PDF Export part of this article).

If the tree is too large, you may change its size by reducing the number of pages in the Print Setup panel, but make sure to be able to still read what will be print (click on 100% focus button to see if you can read on your screen).

  • Select Display > Show/Hide Page Breaks or click the Pages > Show/ Hide Page Breaks button Heredis displays how many pages corresponding to the selected paper size will be needed to print the tree chart.
  • Change the number of pages in width and/or height.
  • To enlarge or reduce the overall size of the tree chart, enter a percentage in the Scale field or move the cursor. A value below 100% reduces the size of the tree chart, a value greater than 100% enlarges it.

It only remains to launch the printing of the tree chart.

Launching the print-out

Depending on the printer you are using, you can print the tree on one page or series of pages to be assembled together.

  • Click the Print  button on the toolbar or choose File > Print.
  • Select the printer you want to use from the list of available printers. If your printer does not appear, select Find Printer in the Windows Print screen.

Info • For more information on adding a printer, type Add Printer in Windows Help.

  • Click OK to start printing.

Export a PDF tree chart

Export the displayed tree to get it printed by a professional or share your Heredis trees with people who do not have the software. Heredis constructs a tree chart using a file format that is likely to be used on other computers or devices in the form of a readable file.

  • Choose Edit > PDF File Mode or choose PDF File from the Print Setup drop-down menu.
  • The Print button changes form and name. Click the Export  button on the toolbar.
  • Before to export the tree chart, make sure to setup the paper size format and orientation. Click on Page Setup button in Print Setup panel.

  • Choose the location where the tree file in PDF format will be saved, if you do not want to save it in the default folder. If necessary, change the name of the tree proposed by Heredis in the File Name field.

Important: Note that you can generate customized size, but be carefull, PDF format allows only 200″ x 200″. If your XXL Family is bigger and your printer can print on a paper roll, then click on the cogwheel near the PDF file mode (or assembling link-up zone of the new charts as the XXL Family for example) and chose Delete assembling link-up zone.

  • Click Save.