Manage my installations and the use of my license

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How to manage my Heredis installations

Your license is personal and confidential, it can be used on 3 computers you own. For example, you have one desktop computer and one laptop, that means 2 installations. If both computers break down, you’ll have to reinstall, which will be 4 installations. Since Heredis 2019 and the change of our license management system, you can manage your installations.

Easily access the management of your installations, either from your account on our Heredis’ Shop or directly from the application by clicking on the Help scroll-down menu > Manage my installations.

1- Rendez-vous to :
2- Connect to your account by clicking on Sign in :

3- Enter your email address and password used to buy Heredis.

4- Click on MY INSTALLATIONS to manage your installations :


For each license you own, it is easy to see which computer(s) it is assigned to.

A History button will allow you to visualize all actions related to each license (assigning a new computer, detaching…)

Note: If you already used 3 times your license, Heredis will automatically suggest you to manage the installations. Click on the button Manage my installations to access directly to the section on your account. If you need a license for 4 computers, you’ll need to get 2 licenses.

How to detach the use of my license

If you no longer use your Heredis software on a computer, uninstall the application from this computer then log in to your account on Heredis’ Shop, click on My Installations and locate the computer you no longer use.  Click on the red button with a white cross at the end of the line to detach the computer you no longer use, so you can install this license on another device.