Navigating in Heredis iOS

Navigating in Heredis iOS 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Tap any of the persons shown on the screen to display him or her as the primary person. You may then tap the primary person for all information data entered for this person.

Whenever people are mentioned on the Data screen (parents, partners, children, witnesses…), simply tap their name to access their own data. Tap Back at the top left to return to the previous level of consultation.

If you have been navigating a good deal around the information for a person and among persons connected with him, then tap the Immediate Family icon on the top toolbar to return immediately to the Immediate Family of the person you were investigating

When you consult data other than people (places, sources), tap the arrow. If you tap a place, the map of the location is displayed. If you tap a source, you access the details in the Sources Index. It includes all the information entered concerning the source, and mentions the assignments of the source. By tapping on the name of persons to whom the data has been assigned, you are directed to their Data screen.

It is of course useful to see the genealogy data in a tree format. Tap the Ascendancy  icon at the top of the Immediate Family screen to show the primary person and up to five generations of ancestors.

Tap any name to make it appear at position 1 of the tree (primary person), thus moving up one or more generations. To go back down the generations, tap the blue-arrow-down button to the left of the primary person of the tree. Select the person whose family branch you wish to browse.

Every person in the direct genealogical line appears in blue to help you navigate in the family tree.

There are navigation arrows to the right of the top toolbar of the application. You may thus move back or forward to all the Immediate Family screens which you have previously consulted. Tap the Direct Access icon to consult the list of bookmarked persons and navigate to any bookmarked person or to the root person of the genealogy file. You may also search by genealogical number (Ahn.) or by a personal number which you will have entered.

Tap Edit to change the data displayed.

When the person displayed on the Immediate Family screen is not the Root Person of the file, you may make this person the new Root Person. Tap + to replace the current root person.

Add the person displayed on the Immediate Family screen to the list of your bookmarked persons by tapping + in the Bookmarked panel. You will then have direct access to this key person in your genealogy. To delete a bookmarked person, tap the red minus sign opposite the person shown in the list.

Tap Done to return to the Direct Access screen.