Implex (duplicate branches)

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The same person may appear several times in an ascendancy, and appear in several branches of a tree. This is due to consanguineous marriages.

The ratio between the total number of ancestors and the number of ancestors that really exist (smaller) is called the Implex rate. One per­son may therefore bear several Ahnentafel numbers.
Imagine that Jack marries Marianne. However, Jack’s father was the brother of the grandfather of Marianne. Jack and Marianne therefore have common ancestors, which will appear in two different branches of the family tree.

Heredis manages the different numbers automatically and symbolizes it with ++ symbol after the Ahnentafel number.

In the Immediate Family view, if you click on the Ahnentafel number, you’ll see all numbers corresponding to the same person. Heredis will show you all Ahnentafel numbers for the person and the way to the root person for each number. Therfore you’ll see how the implex was created.


(Mac) Multiple Ahnentafel Numbering


(Windows) Multiple Ahnentafel Numbering

In Descendants view (Family tab) and in Search Tracking, the name of implex persons will appear in red.

Edit a report of implexes

Since Heredis 2021, you can use the smart search to search for implexes persons and edit a report of it. Implexes are findable only on a direct line from the root person.

  • Launch Smart Search from Search tab
  • Choose Persons > Ahn. number > Duplicate branch > Yes
  • Click on Search.
  • Check the results.
  • To edit a report of the results, click on the Edit button (from the Processing selected persons area) and choose the type of report you want.