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Sometimes an error message may appear while you are using your Heredis software.

Error messages can originate from various causes:

  • your genealogy file is damaged
  • the Heredis software itself is not functioning properly
  • the system environment of the computer on which Heredis is running is interfering with the proper functioning of Heredis (because of an operating system update, a firewall/antivirus, the addition of another software, etc.)

Note: if your antivirus is not the basic one in your system, or if you have recently updated your system, etc., your computer’s environment may have been modified. As an example, a person using the latest Windows 10 update without an antivirus (other than the Windows standard one) is not working in the same environment as a person using Windows 10 with the last update dating from several months back and who has installed an antivirus such as Avast, Kaspersky, etc.

We recommend taking error messages into consideration. If they pop up on your screen, there’s got to be a good reason for this. Ignoring error messages can lead to permanent damage to your genealogy file.

To help resolve error messages, starting with the 2023 version of Heredis, you will be able to launch a “genealogy check”: this new tool will scan your file and repair it if need be.

Open Heredis.

On the Home page, in the pulldown menu, click on File > Check a genealogy…

Select the file to be checked according to where you have stored it on your computer.

A message will inform you that the verification process may take a while. The more data in the file, the larger the file, and the longer it will take to have it verified. This is just like doing genealogical research, you’ll need to be patient!

Note: if you need to use this tool, we advise you do so at the end of the day so you don’t slow down your computer should the verification take a long time to process.

Click Yes to approve the launch of the genealogy check.

What if Heredis detects a problem in your genealogy file?

If Heredis considers a file is damaged, then a message will pop up, offering to repair the file.

Click Yes to start the repair. This process may also take a while.

If you click No, do not use this genealogy file as you may damage it even further.

If Heredis was able to repair the file, it will open it, and you will then be able to resume working on it.

If not, take a screenshot and contact our customer service via our contact form. Make sure you mention the message you have seen.

What if Heredis does not detect any damage to your genealogy file?

If Heredis did not detect any damage to your file, the following message will pop up:

If you keep getting the error message, the issue may be unrelated to your genealogy file. There could be other possible causes, so please reach out to our customer service via our contact form.

Note: when contacting our customer service, please use the email address matching your Heredis account; this will facilitate the handling of your case.