Can I try Heredis before I buy?

Can I try Heredis before I buy? 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Yes, we offer you a free trial version for our software. This is available for both Windows and Mac. New customers as well as Heredis customers can test each new version of our software with all its innovations and improvements in advance.

All you need is the form for the trial version. Immediately after, you can download the program to your computer.
The trial version is unlimited in time, but limited to 50 people.

You can create a new file, open an existing Heredis file, or import a GEDCOM file.

If your file contains more than 50 people, some features will not be available:

  • Save input changes.
  • File imports and exports.
  • Editing and printing of documents and family tree charts.

If you have a Heredis file from an old version and want to try the new Heredis, the trial version makes a copy of your file and calls it Demo- followed by the name of your genealogy file. This allows you to keep the file in the old version. Indeed, during a version change, Heredis converts the file and it is difficult to go back to the old version.

If you are not convinced and do not want to buy, your original file is not converted, so you will still be able to use it. You will only need to delete the Demo-file. See How do I delete a genealogy file?

If you are convinced and want to buy Heredis, be sure to rename the Demo-file, the old one is still on your computer. See the article: Rename a file. You can also delete the Demo- file and use your old file that will convert.