Calculate or convert a date

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In addition to the automatic calculation when entering an event by adding the age on the act, Heredis has a date calculator/converter.

Accessible from the Dates tab or from the Tool menu > Date Calculator, you can calculate a date of birth, an age at an event or the date of an event. It is also possible to convert a date to the Gregorian, Julian, French Republican or Hebrew calendar or to convert a date from movable feasts such as Easter.

Automatic date calculation

The date management module allows you to calculate the date of an event or the age at the event based on two other parameters.
Click the Dates tab of the Tools Panels and select the Calculate Date of Birth, Calculate Age, or Calculate Date of Event in the drop-down menu.

(Windows) Dates tab

(Mac) Dates tab

Enter two of the items to get the third, either dates (complete or incomplete) or an age expressed in years, months or days if known.

To copy the result found by the date calculator and report it to the event entry screen:
• Select the date and use the Edit – Copy menu.
or Click the button.

To paste the date or age into a Personal Data field:
• Right-click in the Date or Age/Rec section and select Paste.
or Click in the topic and select the Edit – Paste menu.

The date converter tool

To find out the equivalence of a date expressed in a calendar that is unusual for you, use the Dates tab.
1. Choose Convert Date.

2. Type the date as you found it, regardless of the calendar in which it is expressed. Heredis displays equivalencies in other calendars.
3. To use one of the displayed dates, click the Copy  button to the right of the date you are interested in.
4. To insert this date expression into an personal data field or note, click at the insertion point and choose the Edit menu > Paste.

(Windows) To access the date module directly while entering a new person, click on the button at the end of the event. If this button is not visible, switch to Comprehensive input mode or Customized mode to have it. See the article Heredis Preferences – Customize Heredis > Select data entry method

(Mac) The Dates tab can still be used when you add a person, which is why the calendar button is not in the add a person form.

Enter the date you want to convert and copy the converted date into the calendar you are interested in in order to paste it into the event entry field.

Movable feasts dates

Who hasn’t found the mention “Easter Day” or “two days after Easter” in an ancient document?
Heredis facilitates your genealogical research by indicating the dates of these movable feasts for all years between the year 325 and the year 2500.

1. Select the Movable Feasts of the Dates tab.

(Windows) Movable Feasts

(Mac) Movable Feasts

2. Indicate the year for which you are looking for this holiday. Heredis then displays the dates of the Christian, Orthodox and Jewish movable holidays for this year.