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With Heredis, the slideshow scrolls through the life of your ancestors in images. This tool presents your photos in a family album, com­posed of different chapters resuming life of the primary person and his/her immediate family.

To launch it, click the Slideshow  button under the screen of the primary person from the immediate family tab, or the person’s data entry tab.
Let the pages of the photo album scroll through and enjoy your work. Click the Pause  button on the top right of the screen to stop on a picture and read the comments on the photo, for example.

Click the Chapters menu to display all the chapters of your album. By clicking on one of the chapters, you navigate directly to the selected chapter and you can then restart the slideshow by clicking the Play  button at the top right.

By default, the slideshow appears with the Retro theme but you can change it according to your tastes. Click the Themes menu and choose another theme from the selection.

By default, all pictures of the primary person and close relatives are displayed.


Filter the images of the slideshow

Click on the indented wheel and choose the images you want to see for the primary person, his/her children, his/her spouse and unions, the other persons (brothers, sisters…) etc.

Note: appendices images are those attached to places, surnames, given names, occupations, sources, and linked to the primary person.

A box to tick allows you to exclude from this slideshow all private images of your genealogy.

At the bottom of the screen, you have an audio player for playing music. As you watch this family slideshow, the photos parade with the music. Click the Sound icon to cut the sound.

Export the slideshow

Now you wish to share this sideshow, click on the Export button. Heredis creates, in the location of your choice, a folder with the photo album of the primary person, the way you set it. Share this folder with your relatives: they can play it by simply clicking the HTML page created in The photo album of […].html and even if they do not have the Heredis software.

You can also copy the folder to a USB key or an external hard-drive and plug it to your TV, computer or any other USB outlet… to visualize the slideshow with your family.

To exit the slideshow, simply click the Exit  button at the top right.