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Alternate names

You can make a person’s data even more complete by adding alternate names (birth name, maiden name…) in your genealogy.
This type of data is displayed in the center of the Data>Personal Data screen, in the Alternate Names tab.

PC Alternate names

MAC Alternate names

Once an other name has been entered, a blue symbol appears in the Alternate Names tab.
To add an alternate name, click on the button.
Enter all the data you possess such as prefix, suffix, given names, nickname and select the corresponding type of name in the pop-up menu.

Note: if none of the existing types corresponds to the data you are entering, choose Others to create your own type of data. You can also choose to rename the existing types of names predefined in Heredis.

To delete an alternate name, select it in the list and click on the  button.

Note: in the Surnames and Given Names indexes, you will not be able to delete these alternate surnames and given names as long as they are used by a person in your genealogy.

Alternate names associated with individuals in your genealogy are automatically processed when you import and export data in GEDCOM or Heredis formats as well as during merges.