(Windows) Finding your way around a tree

(Windows) Finding your way around a tree 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

Use the preview window

In trees (except fan or wheel of the Charts menu), a window displaying only one box at a time allows:

  • immediately see a box formatting change.
  • to view the contents of a box in a tree that would be displayed with a reduction rate preventing the direct reading of the contents of the boxes.

This window is displayed at the bottom of the Tools panel. As soon as you select one of the boxes of the tree, it updates by showing you, in full size, the selected box.

Enlarge or reduce the view of the tree

To display all the boxes, regardless of the actual size of the tree chart:

  • Select the Display menu – Zoom – All the Pages.
  • Select All the Pages from the zoom drop-down menu in the lower banner of the tree window or drag the slider to the left end.

To enlarge or collapse the tree chart image on the screen:

  • Select a value from the zoom drop-down menu in the lower banner of the tree window, or drag the slider to change the display of the tree.

  • Select the Display menu – Zoom – Actual size to get the full-size representation of the tree chart.
    or Select the Display menu – Zoom – Zoom in or Zoom out.
  • Press the Alt key and left-click to increase and right-click to reduce the display of the part of the tree you click.

View pages

To materialize the pages according to the format of your printer:

  • Select the Display menu – Show/Hide Pages Breaks.
  • Click the button and then click the button on the tree toolbar. Click the same button to remove the display from the pages.

Go to a page in the tree

Use elevators to scroll the tree image horizontally and vertically.
or Press the Spacebar key, the cursor changes to a Hand tool that moves the tree chart image.

To view a particular page:

  • Select the Display menu – Go to Page and then specify the number of the desired page.
  • Validate with OK.

Spotting persons in the tree

Locate persons displayed on the tree screen

The Search list lists all the persons named in the tree chart.

A double-click on a name displays, in the center of the screen, the box of this person.

Spotting implexes

When you print a tree with ancestors for whom there is inbreeding (implexed), they appear several times.
If the Repeat duplicate branches option has not been checked, the branch in which the implexed ancestors appear is stopped as soon as an individual already present in the tree appears for the second time.
To find this person easily, Heredis places colored marks referring to the branch to consult the rest of the interrupted branch.