List of patches Heredis 2022

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Following the release, Heredis is in your hands. Thousands of genealogists are discovering the latest version. This is why we release an update a few weeks after the initial launch of a new application.

The purpose of this update is to fix any issues that could not be detected during our beta testing phases. This is the list of the improvements  for the 2022 version.

Patch n°3


For Windows & Mac
  • Statistics widget
    • Count of generations is not blocked to 32 anymore
    • Incorrectly displayed figures has been fixed
  • Search Tracking: all generations above 32 are displayed as 32 number
  • Smart Search:
    • Correction of the bug when persons born and dead on the same date, at the same time, were not displayed in the search results list
    • Search with dates falling on the last day of the month works again
  • Ascendants wheel  and coloration by quarter, the wrong branch was colored. This problem has been fixed
For Windows
  • Fix error message when opening a tree chart in .ha19 format
  • Personal data:
    • Correction of the tabulator bug in the “Age in record” field
    • Flag “Marked person” works again
For Mac
  • Problem with the navigation from the spouse’s media in Immediate Family tab

Patch n°2 


For Windows & Mac
  • This 2nd patch mainly fixes the publishing issues of Heredis 2022 on Heredis Online on a slow internet connection.
For Windows
  • Order of first and last names are taken into account in the search panel.
For Mac
  • Summary of a person: navigating to the primary person is possible again
  • Source index: action bar buttons visible again
  • Fixes for formatting problem in the source note

Patch n°1 


For the Mac & Windows versions
  • Fixes for publications on Heredis Online
  • Problem with the order of children in the immediate family (only for files from Heredis 2020 or earlier)
  • In event data entry, problem with the order of birth and christening events
  • Gedcom export, deletion of the parent folder when cancelling the export.
  • Export Heredis, loss of media
  • Apparition of a person without sex in the browsing history after merging 2 persons (person visible when you click on the previous/next arrows in the browsing history)
  • Correction of the input of dates lower than the year 100
  • Crash of the application when generating a custom report of ancestors or descendants
  • The key word mär is now allowed when entering dates in german
  • In sources index, sorting order and column width not remembered