How to input a same-sex couple?

How to input a same-sex couple? 150 150 Heredis Help Knowledgebase

By default, when you add a spouse to a person, Heredis suggests the opposite gender of that of the person already entered.

Click Add Spouse.

If you create a new person, you can change the gender of the person you are entering as a spouse.

If the person is chosen from the list of existing persons, change the gender (on Mac, click on the lock to be able to change it) in the Create a new spouse screen or choose a spouse from the existing persons. The list of existing persons is updated according to the chosen gender.

On Windows, a window alerts you that you are trying to put a spouse of the same gender. This alert is indicative to ensure that you are not making a mistake. If you are certain that it is a homosexual union, validate the message.