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Download sample family file

Explore all the functions of Heredis with the Rucastle family file. Download this file and test your app with pleasure!



Before downloading a patch, make sure your software is up to date because verification is done automatically as soon as your Internet connection is active. The patches are installed without your intervention.

If your version requires a patch, select your version of Heredis and download the hotfix patch that applies:

APPLICATIONS Links for patches
Heredis 2024 for Windows
Heredis 2024 for Mac
Heredis 2023 for Windows
Heredis 2023 for Mac
Heredis 2022 for Windows
Heredis 2022 for Mac
Heredis 2021 for Windows
Heredis 2021 for Mac
Heredis 2020 for Windows
Heredis 2020 for Mac
Heredis 2019 for Windows
Heredis 2019 for Mac
Heredis 2018 for Windows
Heredis 2018 for Mac
Heredis 2017 for Windows
Heredis 2017 for Mac
Heredis 2015 for Windows
Heredis 2015 for Mac
Heredis 2014 for Windows
Heredis 2014 for Mac
Heredis for PC (2012-2013)
Heredis for Mac (2012-2013)
Heredis for Mac (2012)
Heredis for Android