Heredis 2014 & 2015: What is the Heredis file?

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Heredis 2014 & 2015: What is the Heredis file?

Heredis files created with the Heredis 2014 have a common format. They can be opened indifferently with a PC, a Mac or an iOS mobile device.

With Windows, the Heredis file is shown in the form of a folder with a .hmw extension (e.g. Thomas family.hmw). This folder contains the genealogical data (Thomas family.heredis – Type: Heredis Genealogy file) and a Media folder to which all media are copied.

The folder .hmw contains all the elements necessary for your genealogy. For the proper functioning of your file, you must not separate or remove these elements.
To move your genealogy to another location on the hard disk or to another support, to copy or to save it, select the whole Thomas family.hmw folder.

The data file (Thomas family.heredis) contains only small thumbnails for the media used. The Media folder contains a copy of all original media that you have associated with your data (photos, scans, web documents, texts…). Even if you have lost or misplaced your original media, this file, integrated in your genealogy, allows you to retain, transfer, backup the media of your genealogy at a high quality level.

Your original media will remain always where you had placed them. Heredis will not move or change them, but simply copy them. Do not modify the contents of the Media folder or your genealogy file will not work properly.