(PC) Handling information found

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(PC) Handling information found

Handle the results of search for persons

Check the results

To view an individual found by the multi-criteria search,

  1. Select the individual in the list to display information in the main Summary panel.
  2. Double-click an individual on the list to view as the primary person.

Info • To have on screen the outcome of your criteria search as well as the navigation screen, use the Search by Name panel. Unfold the advanced search by clicking the arrow. Select Smart Search from the drop-down menu.

Heredis displays the search result, allowing you to navigate directly to the individuals found.

Exploit the search

You can work on all individuals found and displayed in the Search tab > Smart Search.

  1. Click Mark Selection, Confidential Selection or Secondary Selection. Each individual contained in the selection is updated and the corresponding operations are enabled.
  2. Print the search results displayed by clicking Print to obtain an alphabetical list of individuals or Print Personalized List to obtain a list at your convenience.

Info • With Smart Search, you can apply specific treatment to the entire genealogy file. Click Unmark the Genealogy File, All Not Confidential, All Not Secondary, before applying a new search based on.

Manage duplicates

Check for duplicates

Review the list of potential duplicates found by Heredis and choose the treatment to be applied to them. You can either merge two duplicate persons, or mark them, or print them.

To check the reality of the duplicate:

  1. Click the Results tab and select an individual A, in the left column. A potential duplicate B appears in the right column of the screen.
  2. Compare the summaries corresponding to individual A and individual B.
  3. Continue the display of all potential duplicates of the individual A.

Once they have been checked, you can merge the duplicates found. Or you can also declare that the two persons proposed by Heredis are not duplicates.

Merge duplicates

  1. Select a proven duplicate of individual A.
  2. Click the Prepare Merger button.

Mark potential duplicates

Click Mark Duplicates. All individuals shown on the left side of the Results tab will be defined as Marked Print the potential duplicates. Click Edit Duplicates Report Heredis generates an alphabetical list of all potential duplicates, with your usual word processor.

For further details see Permanent control for duplicates & Merge two persons.