(MAC) Handling information found

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(MAC) Handling information found

Managing the results of any search

The permanently available panels of data allow you to research Persons, Places, Sources and Media without leaving the main screen of the software. You may use all four indexes of data for adding more detail or for completing an entry by drag and drop.

The Persons panel provides an advanced research tool for selecting a category of persons which fit a specific set of crite­ria.

Search all descendants of the primary person born in Yorkshire after 1800. The resulting list can be used for navigating around these people but also for applying a specific treatment to them: marking them, making them into secondary or confidential persons.

Click the indented wheel button for defin­ing the appropriate treatment or to print the list of results.

Handle the results of search for persons

Check the results

The Persons panel lists the individuals corresponding to your search criteria.

Check the number of persons found at the bottom of the panel. You can simplify your checking by changing the display order of the pop-up menu: Sort by Name, Sort by Date or Sort by Change Date.

1. Select a person from the list to display information found on the Summary panel.
2. Double-click a person on the list to view as the primary person.

Exploit the search

You can act on all individuals found and displayed in the Persons panel.

(MAC) 1. Click Batches () at the bottom of the panel toolbar .

2. Select an option to make a change to all persons in the displayed list.
Declare the persons as Marked, Secondary or Confidential, in one operation.
You can also print out all the search results displayed by selecting the Print List option.

Manage duplicates

Check for duplicates

Review the list of potential duplicates found by Heredis and choose the treatment to be applied to them. You can either merge two dupli­cate persons, or indicate that the two proposed persons are not in fact duplicates.

To ensure the reality of duplicate:
1. Click the pair of duplicates to select the line.
2. Compare the summaries corresponding to person A and person B.
3. To get more information, inspect person A or person B by dou­ble-clicking on the name in the selected line. Observe with care the Immediate Family screen for each of the persons A and B. Click the Personal Data tab to see all the information entered.
4. Choose Find > Find Duplicates… to return to the list of potential duplicates.

Once they have been checked, you can merge the duplicates found. Or you can also declare that the two persons proposed by Heredis are not duplicates.

Merge duplicates

1. Select the line corresponding to the supposed duplicate.
2. Click the Prepare Merger button.

Reject proposed duplicates

Tick the Not A Duplicate box for the proposed duplicate pair.
You may change your mind. Select Not a Duplicate Persons Only in the pop-up menu of the toolbar and untick the box for this pair of duplicates.

For further details, see Permanent control for duplicates & Merge two persons.