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Searching Online Data

Click the Search tab  to get an online research tool.

Heredis displays known data for the primary person, but also for his/ her immediate family, to help in your research. It highlights missing information, makes suggestions for online research and connects you to your favorite data provider.

It keeps a record of the research you have undertaken and allows you to create research notes.

The research tool will be displayed for the primary person, but you can also use memorized branches to manage your research of differ­ent lineages.

The Search Wizard tab is divided into two areas. In the upper part, Heredis displays a list of all events of the primary person and relevant events of his/her relatives. At a glance, you know if there are missing dates or places. You immediately know if you have associated with the event a source, witnesses, media, a note. An icon also shows the sta­tus of your research for each event. It is clickable and editable.

The list of events displayed is configurable by clicking on the indent­ed wheel  icon.

PC Search Wizard

Mac Search Wizard

In the lower part, you will find the various elements for analysis and the availability for online research.
• The Sources tab shows all sources related to the events shown in the upper part. Select an event to see if one or more sources are associated with it (they are displayed in bold).
• The Map tab positions all known events on a map, distinguishing between those of the primary person and those of the immediate family.
• The Research Note tab displays a text box for notes. Any research note will be included in the Notes window of the primary person.
• The Web Search tab provides online research on websites of your choice, taking into account all relevant elements already known (identity, location, time, etc.). These elements may be changed taking into account your own analysis of your data. The record of previous online searches allows you to return easily to your required research.

Choose from the different research sites proposed by Heredis. Click the  indented wheel icon to add your own research sites. Click the + button and enter the site to be displayed in the list and the URL you will have copied from the address bar of your browser.

Heredis Online contains all the genealogies published by Heredis users. You can run searches across more than one hundred million data items already referenced in the genealogies of the Heredis Community.