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Search for other data types

The indexes list the information you have entered and display the uses for each type of data. By using the Indexes, you can find sourc­es, places, media, but also occupations, surnames or given names. Each item of data can be illustrated or commented, which brings infinite richness to your genealogical research. What village was part of the «Pencader Hundred»? What was the family crest of «Bolgan»? What is the origin of the name «Andrew»? What was a «balancer»? You have taken care to note this information relating to the life of your ancestors and you will find them by searching in the index in question.

  1. Open each of these indexes, from the Tools menu, or clicking the Indexes button on the toolbar.
  2. Scroll the contents of the Index or use the search box to limit the number of items displayed.
    Type all or part of the search item. The number of items found matching your search is displayed beneath the search box.
    Click the Search icon to select search mode: Search Contains the word entered, or Search Starts With the entered letters.
  3. Select the desired item from the list and consult all the details you entered.
  4. Click the Statistics tab to see periods of use of the element.
  5. Click the Usage tab and check the list of persons for whom you typed the given name, the surname or occupation. (MAC) Double-click the line to display the individual as the primary person.