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(PC) Searching by theme (enhanced criteria)

Heredis offers a simple and rapid search for persons based on their Surname, Given Names and Gender. If this research does not easily isolate the person you are looking for, you have available other search criteria corresponding to all the information you have entered. These advanced research criteria are grouped in the Persons tab and are classified by research theme (Personal Data, Relations, Events, etc.).

  1. Open the Persons tab in the Search panels.
  2. Enter if needed the Surname, Given Names and Gender. The list of corresponding individuals is updated as you enter details.When you click the name of an individual in the list, his/her summary appears in the Summary Tool panel. To view an individual as primary person in a new Immediate Family, just double-click the name. To start a new search, click Remove criteria icon. All individuals in the file are displayed again.
  3. When the list of results is too long and fails to isolate the search person, click the Show/Hide Enhanced Criteria arrow to unfold the advanced search criteria.
  4. Select from the drop-down menu which data is to apply to the search: Search Entire File, Search Ancestors, Search Descendants, Ascendancy and Descendancy, Inconsistent data, Smart Search Results, Last added or modified persons.
  5. Combine the following criteria to refine your search:
  •  a place. You can either enter a town, a county, a full or partial postal code, a region or a country.
  • the surname of the spouse.
  • a range of years, for example, between 1850 and 1870. By typing 1850 only the first zone, Heredis will show persons with an event in 1850 or after. By typing 1870 only in the second zone, Heredis will show persons with an event in 1850 or before.
  • a type of event selected from the drop-down menu.
  • events without a source.
  • Direct-Line ancestors (Sosa line)
  • Childless Family, Single-Parent Family, Parents Unknown or Linked to FamilySearch.

To display the persons corresponding to these Enhanced criteria, click the Search button to update the list.

Search by Name

Select Find > Search by Name, type Ctrl-F or click the Find button on the toolbar and then click Search by Name.

  1. Type the first letters of the Surname in the Surname input field. Heredis will display all persons with this surname and variations that you will have defined in the Names Index. The search is carried out in the mode you have chosen To change it, select Tools> Heredis Preferences. Select the Search option on the first letters of the name (Search Starts with) or Search the name (Search Contains) in the General tab.
  2. In the Given Name box, type the first letters of the given name to narrow your search.
  3. Tick the boxes M, F or ? to limit the search to men, women or persons of indeterminate gender. Tick the Direct-Line Ancestors box to limit the search to direct ancestors.

Info • In front of each individual, a colored square indicates the gender of the individual: blue for men, pink for women and green for individuals whose gender is not determined. If a square appears with yellow in the center, it is that of a direct ancestor bearing a Sosa number.

4. To be sure to correctly identify the person you want, select him/her and check all the information that appears in the Summary area. Click View or double-click the name to display the selected individual as the primary person in a new Immediate Family.

Info • To print or export the result of the search, click the Print box.