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(PC) Create and Edit Reports

Heredis will edit standard reports included in the software or create your own report templates. Each displayed report may be changed simply. You can also save or print it directly.
You can edit individual reports or family reports.

Create a predefined report

1. Choose the report to edit from the Reports menu.

2. Select the report type from the menu or sub-menu.

Report Options

3. Determine the Options for the report.
• Tick the appropriate options to determine the persons you wish to include in the report (men, women, witnesses…) according to the genealogical role they play.
• Determine the limits which you wish to apply to the report (confidential, Ahnentafel number bearers…).
The options vary according to the type of report you are editing.

Report Style 

4. Click the Styles tab to indicate your choice of data formatting.
Determine the field styles options for the report: given names (all, usual, etc.), name order, dates format, places format (full place name, city only, etc.), the way you wish to mention sources…

Choose font and letter size. Indicate what should appear in the header:
• any personal text which you may enter in the title field.
• the total number of items in the report.
• the name of the genealogy file.
• the date of edition of the report.
• the page number.

Give a distinct color to important elements in the report. The elements are different according to the type of report required.

Choose page format:
• Document margins
• Print grid to border all information displayed with grid lines and with separations between persons mentioned.
• Click on the Print setup button to display the printer dialog panel and select the printer, paper orientation and paper size.

5. Click OK.

The document appears in your usual word processor. If you want to operate differently, you may export it in a particular file format by clicking Export instead of OK.

Compose a Custom Report

The setup screen for a custom report has an extra button. In the Options tab, click the Modify button to open the building screen for the report. You can change the default report or create your own report.

Modify Report

To build a custom report, you have the following options:
Columns: Add or remove columns, change their width, their title and fill each column with the fields you want.
Fields: Most of the fields included in the input screens are usable as well as some calculated fields (age at death, number of children…).
Field formatting: Each field you include in the report can be formatted (headings, alignment …). You can also assign a prefix and a suffix to each selected field.
When you first open a customized report, Heredis displays a default report that you can use as it is or modify it. Customized reports that you have changed may be saved.

Click the New Report button to create a personal report composed entirely by yourself.

Customize a report


The columns are displayed at the bottom of the screen that represents the usable width of the page. The columns are divided between the two margins in the same proportions as the screen regardless of the chosen print format (portrait or landscape). You may create up to 32 columns in the limit of space available for printing.
• Add Columns: Click the Add button to create the desired number of columns to the personal report under construction.
• Swapping columns: Click in the column to move, then click the arrow buttons left or right until the column reaches the desired location.
• Delete a column: Click in the column to select it and click the Delete button.
• Give a title to a column: Click in the column to select it. Type the title chosen for the selected column in the Title box. Specify the alignment for the title of the column by checking the boxes Left, Center or Right. Indicate in the same way the alignment chosen for fields contained in this column.
• Change the width of columns: Place your mouse over the right edge of the column you want to enlarge or shrink. The cursor turns into a double arrow. Hold the left mouse button and drag the right edge of the column to the desired width.


1. Depending on the type of information to be placed in the column, click on the tabs containing data for the individual, his father, his mother, his spouses, and calculated data. Click in the list of fields on the one you want to include.

2. Click the Add button for it to be inserted in the selected column or double-click the name of the field in the list so that it falls in the selected column.

Formatting fields

Indicate the required character attributes for the added field by ticking the Bold, Italic or Underline boxes.
The fields will be presented side by side in the published report. To print one below the other, insert a line skip by clicking the Line skip button.
The total number of fields and line skips are limited to 32 per column.
Swapping the order of the fields on a line or in a column: Select the field to be moved. Click on the Up or Down arrow buttons until the field has reached its required position.
Delete a field in a column: Select the field to be deleted. Click the Delete button.
Add a suffix or prefix to a field: Select the field to be modified in the column. Click the Prefix box and then type the prefix to be applied to this field. Click the Suffix box and type the suffix to be applied to this field.

To indicate the age at death of an ancestor for example, select the Age at Death field in the Calculated Fields tab and insert it. Then click in the Prefix entry field and type aged. This will give you the words: aged <age at death>.

Save a custom report template

Modify an existing report

You have changed the report on which you are working? Your changes are saved for later use.

You can create another template for a custom report, based on the formatting that you just defined:
1. Click the Save button.
2. Give a name to the report template that you have created. It will be saved in the folder Documents/BSD Concept/Heredis/Heredis Custom Reports.

This template will be available for any type of custom report.

Create a new custom report template

To create an entirely new report, click the New Report button.
Heredis displays a new empty report, to be completed with the required columns and fields.

Open a Custom Report Template already saved

To recall all templates of custom reports that you have created:
1. Click the Open button.
2. Choose the existing template to be reused.
This template is displayed on screen and will open by default at the next application of a custom report.

Save a Report

A report edited in your word processor becomes an independent document in the Heredis software. This document can be saved for later reprinting or modifying. To keep the document displayed in your word processor, use the saving feature of your software. It is generally found in the File menu.

Heredis has created a My Documents/BSD Concept/Heredis/Heredis Genealogy Reports folder to help you consolidate all your genealogy documents.

To change the name of the document proposed by Heredis, enter another name in the File Name field.

Printing a report

You will start printing from your word processor having made changes if required.

1. Choose File > Print. These commands are generally the same in all word processors.

2. Select the printer you wish to use from the list of available printers.
If your printer does not appear, select Printer set-up in the Windows Print command.

Info • For more information on adding a printer, type Add a printer in Windows Help.

3. Click OK to start printing.