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Input notes

Add specific details to your genealogy by using the available notes. You will find entry boxes for notes on persons, families, events, media, sources, surnames, given names, occupations and plac­es. The notes are equipped with formatting tools integrated in the Heredis software. One may also paste formatted text from other applications (word processors, browsers, desktop publishing tools, etc.) though images are ignored.

(PC) Input Notes

(Mac) Input Notes

Info • Notes are separated from each others in the Mac version.

Enter or modify a note

1. Display the note:
• On the toolbar, choose Person > Edit Person Note or Edit Family Note.
• Click the ou button in the toolbar if it is displayed.
• Click directly in the Note field when displayed on the navigation or data input screens (input tabs, indexes, media, etc..).

• In the Data screens, click on the pencil  to access the note.

Info • If the note is not visible on the data input tabs, change the data display mode.

2. Enter the text of the note or paste the contents of the clipboard.
3. Use the formatting tools in the text editor.
4. Tick the Private Note box if you wish to keep this note excluded from export of the file, printing or publishing on the Internet.

Info • The Person note and the Family note concern the displayed pri­mary person and his/her spouse.

Note of an event

(PC) Note of an event

(Mac) Note of an event

  • Type directly your comment in the text box
  • or Click on the pencil  to open the text box in a new window. You can write and modify the format of your note.

Options of notes

For each notes, you can add a specific format with the text editor:

(PC) Options of notes

(Mac) Options of notes

  • Typeface: Bold – Italic – Underline
  • Alignment: Align Center – Left – Right – Justify
  • Choose the font style and size
  • Manage the hypertext link
  • Cut – Copy – Paste – Print

You can make your note private by ticking the Private note box so it won’t be published.