How to ask a question on the Heredis forum?

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How to ask a question on the Heredis forum?

• N.B.
It is not necessary to register to view the forum. Access is free regardless of the sub-forum consulted.
You must register only if you want to ask a new question or post a contribution to an existing topic.

Use the following link: Heredis’ Forum.

How to register

1. Click the Register button to be able to intervene on the forum.

2. Click I agree to these terms to validate the conditions for using the forum.
3. Complete the registration form with your details. Choose a username (the name under which you appear when your messages will be displayed on the forum).

Do not forget to answer the antispam question, and then click Submit to submit your entry.
4. Return to the Heredis forum index page by clicking the link.

How to ask a question

1. Log in by entering your user name and password. Tick the box Remember me each visit to allow your browser to identify you automatically when you return to the Heredis forum.

2. Choose the topic according to the concerned platform. Post your message (question or support request) by clicking NewTopic.

3. Enter the summary of your question in the Subject text box: Entering sources, for example.
The Heredis team, the forum animators or other users of the software will come back to you very rapidly.
If your request requires a personalized reply or for confidential information, a technician will contact you via a private message or by phone call, to tell you what to do or if necessary, assist you in transferring your file to our services. We guarantee total confidentiality of your data.

Don’t forget to click the Submit button.