Export a genealogy document

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Export a genealogy document

Exporting the document you have created will enable you to apply specific treatment with other programs. Share your documents with others by using a file format that they are likely to use on their com­puters or other devices in the format of a universally readable file.

Export a document requiring further treatment

1. (PC) Click the Export button in the layout screen of the sheet or the book.

PC Export a document

(MAC) or Choose Report > Export or click the Export button in the toolbar of the report.

MAC Export a document

2. The sheets and books are directly exported in plain text format and are opened in your favorite word processor.

(MAC) When you export a report, select the software that you will use for reworking the document in the Choose Word Processor pop-up menu.
• Export as Plain Text File: the document can be read by all text edi­tor software. Export in plain text format removes the formatting of the document, and the images are not exported.
• Microsoft Excel.app: the document can be opened with Microsoft Excel on either a Mac or Windows computer.
• Other Applications: the document can be opened with other commonly used spreadsheet programs such as Numbers or OpenOffice on Mac or Windows.

3. Select the destination software and click Export.

Info • The table layout and certain typographical peculiarities may possibly not be retained in the exported document.

Export a document to share it

1. From your word processor, launch the print. Choose File > Print. These commands are generally the same in all word processors.
2. Click the PDF pop-up menu and select Save as PDF….
3. Choose the location where the PDF document is to be saved. If your file directory is not visible, click the disclosure triangle to the right of the Save As field.
4. Click Save.
The generated document is very convenient for exchange. It can be easily transmitted by email and opened on any computer.