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Add persons

A simple click on any empty box on the Immediate Family screen will suffice for creating the parents, spouses, children and even grandpar­ents of the primary person. The family simply grows.
The data entry screen for a new person displays the most normally required information. Start by entering the surname and given names. They take shape automatically.
As you enter the data, you will see a list of all individuals with the same name and given names appear on the right side of the screen. Heredis does all it can for you to avoid duplicates. If you think you have identified the person you want to add, do not continue typing, but select the person from the list and click Choose.

PC Entering a new Person

MAC Entering a new Person

For more information on duplicates, check the (PC) Permanent control for duplicates & Merge two persons, (Mac) Permanent control for duplicates & Merge two persons.

If there is no existing person displayed in the list of individuals, con­tinue filling out the data.
The dates are displayed in full regardless of the input format.
Most places in Western Europe and North America are made avail­able as you type. Select the place with the Enter key or create a new place. You can choose the countries you need. See Customize\Choose the recognized places.
When the input screen is complete, click Add.
If you add a spouse, make the most of the opportunity to submit all the information concerning the marriage: what type of marriage, date, location and status of this union. Then click OK.

You can also work with other tabs, as and how it suits you. Add the parents on the Ancestors tab, or other family members on the Family Group Data tab and XXL Family tab. Complete or modify known information on the Personal Data tab.

You can personalize your entering mode. For more details, see Customize\Select data entry method.

Each person in the genealogy file may be linked to others by ties of kinship, as a witness to an event, or as a person related in another way.

PC Linked Person

MAC Linked Person

Heredis allows you to link any individual already in the genealogy file or create a new person with his/her kinship. Access the Add or Choose… field by clicking on the , enter the surname and given name in the Personal Data tab. You will see in the Matching Persons column, appear a list of per­sons already entered with that surname and given name. Step by step, as you enter new letters, the list of corresponding persons will mature.

Select a person from the list and check his/her details. This allows you to compare more effectively the different individuals found.
If it appears that the person you want to add already exists, use the person already created by clicking Choose.
If you do not detect a possible duplicate, you can then create the new person by completing the other entry fields and click Add.

Automatic filling of fields

Heredis includes databases of several thousand names and occupa­tions. In addition, Heredis stores all the information you enter, item by item.
Type the first letters: immediately appears the list of already stored data that may match your entry.
Continue with new letters, the list is updated.
Use the keyboard arrow keys to select the desired item and press Enter or click the proposed item with the mouse.
The auto-fill tool is available for all input fields, with the exception of notes and comments.

PC Automatic filling of a new person

MAC Automatic filling of a new person

Delete a person

Heredis allows you to delete
• Either the person, then the person will no longer exist in your file.
• Or the links that bind the person to his family or to an event in which he played a role. In this case the individual will always remain in your genealogy file.

Info • The Root person of the file, that is to say the individual num­bered Ahnentafel 1, cannot be deleted. To remove this person, you must first reassign the number to another person.

• Place the individual in the primary person position.

• Click the button on the toolbar then  or choose Person > Delete Primary Person to delete the link.

• You can also delete a person from the person tab in the search panel by selecting the person to delete then .

For further details, check Add parents, Add children, Add spouses, Add witnesses, Add linked persons.