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Activating Heredis

Thanks to the new license activation process, as long as you are connected to the internet, you no longer need to enter your license number.

All you need to do is log into the account you used to purchase Heredis (on our online store) and your license will be activated automatically.

How to install and activate Heredis on a computer connected to the internet

Start with the purchase of a Heredis 2019 license on the Heredis online store, then download and install the Heredis software on your computer.
The first time you launch Heredis, it will display a page offering you to either try the software or to log in to the account used to purchase Heredis.

When you log in to your online account, the 2019 license you have just purchased will automatically be assigned to the computer on which you have just installed Heredis.

How to install and activate Heredis on another computer connected to the internet


Heredis can be installed on up to 3 of your computers.

Download and install Heredis from your account (under My Licenses & Codes) onto your other computer and log in to your account.
Note: when you reach the maximum number of installations allowed on your license, Heredis informs you that you can no longer install this license on an additional computer and offers to help you manage your installations in order to potentially detach a license from a computer you no longer use so you can then install it on another computer.


How to install and activate Heredis on a computer that is not connected to the internet

Clicking on the Enter button will allow you to enter your license number and to get full access to your software and its many features.


Note: If this computer is later connected to the internet, the following time Heredis is launched you will be asked to log in to your account to finalize the activation process.

How to manage my Heredis installations

Easily access the management of your installations, either from your account on our online store or directly from the application by clicking on the Help scroll-down menu>Manage my installations. This window will display all the information on your licenses, starting with the 2019 Heredis version, including the numbers of the licenses you purchased, the related order number, date of purchase, and the data available on this Heredis version.

For each license you own, it is easy to see which computer(s) it is assigned to.

A History button will allow you to visualize all actions related to each license (assigning a new computer, detaching…)

How to detach a license

If you no longer use your Heredis software on a computer, uninstall the application from this computer then log in to your account on our online store, click on My Installations, and detach the computer you no longer use so you can install this license on another device.

In case of problems

Heredis needs an internet connexion to activate your licence. Often, firewalls and antiviruses are too uncompromising and block Heredis. It can provoque white pages while trying to activate Heredis’ licence, blocking the installation of the software…

Check that the antivirus/firewall installed on your computer or embedded in your internet box does not block Heredis. If so desactivate it while installing Heredis and autorize Heredis to access the network, tell those software that Heredis is trustworthy.