Heredis 2014: How to synchronize a genealogy file?

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Heredis 2014: How to synchronize a genealogy file?

What is synchronization?

This function allows you to transfer, update or save your genealogy on another device. It is more efficient than manual backup because:

  • Only changed data is transmitted and it is very fast.
  • You are alerted if a newer version is on another device connected to the computer.

You can synchronize your genealogy between two PCs, two Macs or devices running on other platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad). To do this, use your Wi-Fi network.
You can also synchronize your genealogy with storage tools (USB flash drive, removable hard disk). Simply plug them into your computer.

What versions of Heredis offer synchronization?

The Synchronization function is available only on 2012 versions and later. You can synchronize your files with the Heredis 2014 software (version Windows – version Mac and version iOS available at the App Store) or if you use previous versions (2012-2013).
If you have an older version on any one device, your file cannot be synchronized.

How to synchronize a genealogy file?

After installing the Heredis 2014 software, you can exchange data between your various devices under two conditions:

  • Heredis must be open on all devices for synchronizing.
  • The genealogy file must be open on the device from which you synchronize.


Your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. Please note that it is not enough that your iPhone or iPad is connected by cable to a Mac or PC, but you need the Wi-Fi network to be activated.
If you synchronize on a USB flash drive or removable hard disk, these tools must be plugged in on the device from which you synchronize.


You do not have to not create the genealogy file on the destination device. It is with the first synchronization that the file is created. The first synchronization takes longer because it copies all your genealogy data and all associated media files. Subsequent synchronizations will be much faster because only changes are transferred to the destination device.
See the detailed Information Sheets: two PCs – two Macs – PC and Mac – a computer and an iPhone / iPad – a computer and a USB flash drive (or removable hard disk)